Caught In A Lie? Here’s 20 Funny Maury Lie Detector Memes

Most people do white lies. Maybe it’s your roommate saying she didn’t eat that frozen pizza in the refrigerator. It could be your group mate who said their goldfish died on the day she was supposed to hand in her part of the project. Or maybe it’s you when you told your best friend they looked great in their orange stripey sweater that’s straight out of Harry Potter.

Well, don’t let Maury catch you with his lie detector machine or else it’s game over.

Your Facebook Status Claimed That You Were All Done With Drama

maury lie detector all done with drama meme

You Said That You Would Get Your Assignment Done On Time

maury lie detector assignment done on time meme

You Said You Would Bring Your Late Work In Today

maury lie detector bring your late work meme

You Claim To Have Cleaned Up Your Room

maury lie detector cleaned up your room meme

You Said You Were Up Late On The Computer Studying

maury lie detector computer studying meme

You Said You Didn’t Want Any Dessert

maury lie detector dessert meme

You Said Your Dog Had Died Today

maury lie detector dog had died today meme

Professor Claimed That The Exam Will Look Just Like What Was Covered In Lecture

maury lie detector exam meme

You Claimed Facebook Was For Losers

maury lie detector facebook meme

You Said You Were In A Relationship

maury lie detector in a relationship meme

Me To Me

maury lie detector light reading meme

Where Do You Want To Go To Lunch

maury lie detector lunch meme

You Said That You Would Never Drink Again

maury lie detector never drink again meme

It Says Here Your Pain Is 10/10

maury lie detector nurse patient meme

You Said You Were Online

maury lie detector online meme

You Claimed You Would Pay Me Back On Friday

maury lie detector pay me back on friday meme

I Told Myself I’d Be Productive Today

maury lie detector productive today meme

You Said You Spent All Weekend Studying

maury lie detector spent all weekend studying meme

You Said You Squat

maury lie detector squat meme

You Said You Were On Your Way

maury lie detector you were on your way meme

If you catch anybody in a lie, send them a funny Maury Lie Detector meme.

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