15 Diabolically Funny Mamma Mia Memes

It’s been a decade since the first Mamma Mia movie came out and less than a year since the sequel was released. But the internet has never gotten over the 3 strong and funny women who made the world their playground and the men, their equal. Every song just kept playing in our heads. We belt out Dancing Queen during road trips and Here We Go Again while walking down the Chocolate Aisle at Walmart.

Who would ever forget every Mamma Mia Meme we saw on social media? You know what? Let’s go down memory lane and check out these hilarious memes again!

My Mind When The Boss Bypasses My Promotion

mood mamamia meme

Moms Connecting People

abba mamamia meme

Mamma Mia! I Am Confusion

confused donna mamma mia meme

My Friends When I Go On A Date With My Ex… Again

here mamamia meme

Me When My Mom Doesn’t Understand Abba Isn’t In Mamma Mia

how mamamia meme

I Don’t Think There Will Be A Mamma Mia Super Trooper

frustrated with mamma mia meme

Keep Calm And Feel That Beat

keep calm mamma mia meme

Ruin Me, Young Bill

ruin me mamma mia meme

You’re Really A Trooper If You Watched Mamma Mia 2

super troopers mamma mia meme

My Boss Ruining My Monday

lead mamamia meme

Me Telling My Team We Have Overtime On A Friday Night

party mamamia meme

My Friends And I Taking Care Of That Bread

time sheets mamamia memeMy Aunt Bertha Grinding To Dancing Queen
gorl mamamia meme

Mamma Mia Saved Me

cure mamamia meme

Que Horror!

netflix mamamia meme

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