17 Madea Memes That’ll Make Your Day So Much Better


Created and played by the popular actor Tyler Perry, Madea is an elderly black woman who always seems to find a way to get even in a bad way. Despite that trait, the character still possesses a nurturing side which is why she’s generous in offering instructions, self-defense tips, and even getting even for other people on her own. With her weird but strong character, a lot of people fell in love with Madea.

If you are a fan, you’ll be glad to see the Madea memes we have below. They have just the right images and captions to make your day a bit brighter and happier. We guarantee that these memes can turn your boring day into a lively one.



I’d Kick You

If I Come Back

If You Don’t Know

If Your Man

I’m About To

Just Saved Yo Life

Like A Giant Bag Of Skittles

Oh Lort

Shaba Daba Daba Da

So You

Start The Clock

Stop Editing Your Pics

The Face You Make

What The

When You

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