20 Liskook Memes And Cursed Edits

Liskook memes aka the Cursed Edits have legendary status in both fandoms. The reason for this is that the two people in the ship – Lisa of Blackpink and Jungkook of BTS – have had no significant interaction or engagement in the past. Still, shippers are very steadfast and known in the fandom for making these cursed edits.

If you want to see some intriguing photoshop skills ranging from primitive to mind-blowing, check out these Liskook memes. No matter the skill level, the entertainment value is 100%. If you can identify where the original pictures are from, you get extra credit!

Lisa You Know I Want 7 Kids Right

liskook 7 kids memes

It’s Okay

liskook adorable bunny memes

Can You Show Us How You Draw Each Other’s Caricature

liskook caricature memes

Maybe I Can Only Be For You Mr. Jeon

liskook colleague memes

You’ve Probably Never Seen This Cute Photo Of Lisa

liskook cute photo of lisa memes


liskook disney characters memes

I Have Never Had A Dream Come True

liskook dream come true memes

We’re So Unlucky

liskook first walk in the rain memes

You Are A Good Friend

liskook good friend memes

What Can I Help You

liskook help you memes

I’m Too Smart For You To Seduce Me

liskook i like you memes


liskook instant ramyun memes

You Know I Love You Right

liskook i love you memes

Don’t Go Near Any Boys Out There

liskook jealous memes

Saw Jungkook With A Girl

liskook jungkook with a girl memes

Look At Me Please

liskook look at me memes

Ordering Food

liskook menu memes


liskook princess memes

I Finally Convinced Jungkook To Shoot A Vlog VIdeo

liskook vlog video memes

Promise Me That You Will Never Love Another Girl

liskook younger memes

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