22 Amusing Lifting Memes That’ll Make You Want To Hit The Gym Right Now


There are so many good reasons why you should start lifting. For one, it helps you get rid of fat by keeping you more metabolically active. It makes you strong and reduces your risk of injury. Lifting can also make you more stable, flexible, and steady on your feet.

Now, if you are worried about the exercise being boring and dull, here’s a collection of funny lifting memes that can change your mind. Check them out and revisit them each time you’re feeling unmotivated to work those muscles.


When She Asks For Help

When I Hear

What If

Watching A Beginner

This Is Your Max

They Curled

The Look

That Look When

Small You Are

She Doesn’t Lift

Put Me In A Home


And On The Third Day

Oh I Don’t Lift

Lifting Level

It Takes Years Of Training

If You’re Going To

How It Feels

Do You

Can My Arms Sit Here


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