30 Funny Leg Day Memes That Perfectly Highlight The Struggle


Leg days are extremely important. Apart from the fact that you’ll burn more calories, working your lower half can also reduce the risk of injury and help you build more muscle. Doing leg days can also make your big lifts better.

Unfortunately, however, leg days aren’t that easy and that’s why there are tons of hilarious memes about it. If you struggle with working and exercising your lower half, we’ve just the right leg day meme collection to cheer you up. Scroll down and enjoy!

Before Legs Day

Can’t Walk

Dear Sweet Baby Jesus

Dibs On The Stair Lift



Friday Leg Day

Friends Don’t

Getting Into The Car

Going To Work

How I Feel

How I Sleep

The Day After

I Can’t Feel My Legs

It’s Metafit

Never Skip

Oh Your Shoulders Hurt

One Does Not Simply

Sitting On The Toilet

Stairs After

That Feeling You Get

The Day After Leg Day

Day After

Trying To Sit Down


Walking Past

What If

When The Leg

When They Ask

When You Try

You Said

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