20 Unapologetic Kris Jenner Memes


You’d have to be living under a rock not to have heard of the Kardashians. Well, meet the powerful matriarch of the family, Kris Jenner.

Given her history on television and her role in the entertainment industry, you either love her or hate her. It all depends really if you “keep up with the Kardashians”.

Whether or not you love her, this strong woman is surprisingly funny and hilarious – and deeply perceptive, too. Get ready for these Kris Jenner memes because she “always knows”.

Do Not Drink Alcohol

Has 3 Essays To Write

Help You With Your Diet

I Really Need To Save Some Money

I Really Need To Study

Me After The First 5 Seconds

Kris Jenner Picking Up Her Paycheck

Planning The Next Royal Wedding

Pull The Lever, Kronk

When Your Friend Tells You

Waiting For My Phone To Stop Ringing

When I Put More Than $5 In The Offering

When Someone Insults Me

When You Catch Your Reflection In The Mirror

When You Made Plans With Someone

When You Meet A New Guy

When Your Mental Health Is Worse

When You Thought You Only Had $5 Left

When You Thought Your Pic Was Fire

When You Tell Your Mom You Lost

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