25 Totally Adorable Kid Memes

Are you ready to have some hilarious time with kid memes?

If you’re already a parent, you will surely relate to this article. In fact, having a kid makes you want to make hundreds of memes if not for the fact that as parents, we’re always pressed for time.

On behalf of all the parents out there, we collected these kid memes to give you a good laugh in spite of the crazy schedules you guys have!

Asks For Lego

Eating Watermelon

How Do I Put This?

How I Feel

I Can’t Believe

I’ll Pretend To Be Asleep

I Passed Out In The Car

I Ran The Numbers Dad

My Face When


Silence Is Golden…

Someday We’ll Catch That Laser Pointer

That Face You Make

That Wasn’t Really An Airplane

The Thermometer Goes…

The “Tooth Fairy” Was A Little Drunk

This Kid Is Going Places

Waits Until You Go To Change His Diaper

What Happens At Grandma’s

When Church Is Over

When I Was Born

When Mom Calls You

When You Realize Summer Is Coming

You Finished Your Plate

You’re Telling Me You Buy Water

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