20 Keto Memes That Hit The Nail On The Head

The ketogenic diet has continued to be popular even after many other diets have faded from people’s minds. This is quite surprising because the keto diet is very exacting. One wrong move and you’re kicked out of ketosis.

The premise of the keto diet is simple. Consume less carbs and eat more protein and fats. Instead of your body burning up glucose as it normally does from bread, pasta, rice, or sweets, the body will turn fats into ketones in your liver. Many people have found relief from their health problems like diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure.

However, as previously mentioned, the keto diet can be very challenging. If you’ve ever done a keto diet, then all the below memes should be highly relatable.

Keto Has Me Like

keto butter up meme

The First Keto Breakfast

keto first keto breakfast meme

When People Say They Are Not Getting Enough Fat On Keto

keto meme avocado

Lose Weight By Eating Fat

keto meme barney

When It’s Your Birthday

keto meme birthday cake

It’s Not Cheating On Keto

keto meme bread

People After You Tell Them

keto meme butter

The Look You Give

keto meme cat

Does Anyone Have A Recipe For These

keto meme cauliflower

I Can Tell You Everything About Chaffles

keto meme chaffles

Literally Nobody

keto meme did we just lose

When You’ve Been On A Low Carb Diet For 5 Years

keto meme five minutes

If You Cheat On Keto

keto meme keto flu

When Life Is Testing Your Keto Skills

keto meme losing control

The Face Non-Ketoers Make

keto meme non ketoers

Toto I’ve A Feeling

keto meme toto

Two Days Into Keto

keto meme two days into keto

When You’re Way Under On Your Carbs For The Day

keto meme under your carbs for the day

You Told Me The Tacos Were Keto

keto tacos meme

Walking Down The Bread And Cereal Aisle

keto walking down meme

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