17 Funny and Divine Kek Memes


Ever wondered where the term “kek” came from? Turns, out everyone else does as well! The origin of the word “kek” is not the most clear. Some believe it came as a variation of “lel” which itself is a variation of the commonly used expression for laughter “lol”. Some believe it came from the Korean expression for laughter “kekeke”. Regardless, it’s essentially the most internet way you can express your laughter and is widely used nowadays especially on the streaming service, Twitch.

Pepe the Frog is also most commonly associated with the term which is why you’ll see him a ton when you scroll down to find some great “kek” memes below!

The Divine Word Of Kek

divine work of kek memes

Faces Of Kek

faces of kek memes

In The Name Of Kek

in the name of kek memes

Article 13

kek codes memes

Survivors Of The Great Meme War Of 2016

kek great meme war memes

Kek Is Good

kek is good memes

Kekistani Villagers

kek kekistani memes

There Are 2,147 Genders

kek modern problems memes

Kek Blasts A Normie

kek normie memes

And Kek Said

kek said memes

Who Would Win

kek shrek kerek memes

When The Boys Are Becoming Famous Memes

kek the boys memes

You Vs The Guy She Told You Not To Worry About

kek vs the guy memes

Praise Kek

praise kek memes

Ancient Statue Of Kek

prophecy of kek memes

Meme Magic

the rise of kek memes

Top Kek

top kek memes