20 “I’d Like To Talk To The Manager” Karen Memes

If you’re looking for baby names, you know the first name you should skip — Karen. Somewhere along the road, from the first Karen in Mean Girls to Nintendo Switch’s rooftop Karen, this name took on shape of an annoying and entitled middle-aged white person.

Today’s Karen sports a unique hairstyle you can spot miles away. In fact, it’s hard to miss when she’s bearing down at you and chomping at the bit.

She’s the loud lady at the department store who complains to the manager regarding a very trivial matter. She’s the annoying lady at the McDonald’s counter who is crying bloody murder. And as some folks say, she’s the lady who got unfair custody to the kids.

Check out these Karen memes.

I’d Like to Talk To The Manager

different karen meme

Meetings of Karens

fearful manager karen meme

Emo Girls Were Just Gothic Karens

gothic karen meme

I Want To See The Manager

karen battle meme

Karen Exists

karen exists meme

The Face You Pull

karen face meme

Fast Food Employee Makes Minor Mistake

karen fast food employee meme

When An Unstoppable Force

karen force meme

When You Are Working

karen haircut meme

I’m Sorry Karen

karen judge meme


karen karanos meme

I Have A Complain

karen memes

The Manager May As Well Just Sit Down

karens meme

After You Defeat All Of The Karens

mega karen meme

Pikachu Karen

pikachu karen meme

You Need To Stop Being Paranoid

real karen meme

When Karen Comes In To Your Work

when karen meme

Once You Defeat All The Other Karens

karen final boss meme

What Do We Say To The God Of Death

karen god of death meme

What You Want

karen haircut memes

Did any of these Karen memes scare you?