20 Kardashian Memes That You Can Actually Relate To


Are you ready to bust some guts with Kardashian memes? Yes, folks, we’re talking about the most followed celebrities by both paparazzis and wannabees – the Kardashian family.

The Kardashians seem to like the attention, love and let’s not forget the hate that they’re getting from everyone. The funny thing with the Kardashians is, you either love them or hate them to bits. There’s no middle ground!

Just like the family’s reality TV show, may you enjoy these hilarious and on-point Kardashian memes that we collected from the web. Get ready to do the Kylie-lips and flaunt those sexy curves before laughing out loud!

I Don’t Wear Makeup

Me During The School Week

Me Standing Next To My Friends

Me When I’m Carrying More Than 3 Bags


Me When I See The Bitch I Hate

Mom Do Something!

Mom: So How Was The Test Yesterday


My Face When I Find Extra Fries

When Bae Tells You “No”


When My Mom Finds Out

When People Come At You Rude

When Someone Asks You

When Someone’s Recapping A Story

When Ur Face Swapping

When Ur Mom Tells U

When U Thought U Only Had $5

funny kardashian memes

When You Say ‘I Promise I Won’t Get Mad’

When You Take Her To Bed

when you take her to bed kardashian memes

When You Walk Into Class Late

When You Walk Past Someone

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