20 Jurassic Park Memes That Are Mostly About The Programmer Guy

Jurassic Park is a fun dinosaur movie that will have you gripping your seats – so long as you check out logic at the door, that is. There are a lot of minor and major plot holes alike but that’s to be expected when you’re making a movie (and several sequels) about recreating a giant extinct animal and making a theme park attraction out of them.

For those who ever wondered why they only had one programmer and why those locks are so easy to open, here are some funny Jurassic memes for you.

We Spared No Expense

jurassic park 2 million line of code meme

Claims Dinosaurs Can’t Mate

jurassic park dinosaurs cannot mate meme

Dinosaurs Fucking Die

jurassic park dinosaurs die meme

Jurassic Park But The Dinosaurs Are From The 90s TV Show Dinosaurs

jurassic park dinosaurs meme

That Doesn’t Look Very Scary

jurassic park doesnt look very scary meme

He Hates Jurassic Park

jurassic park now everybody hates you meme

Spared No Expense

jurassic park one programmer meme

Paleontologists After Watching Jurassic Park

jurassic park paleontologists meme

When Your Billion Dollar Dino Park Fails Miserably

jurassic park public transportation meme

Me Making Jurassic Park Memes

jurassic park random upvotes meme

When Someone Actually Understands Your Jurassic Park Reference

jurassic park reference meme

I Died In Jurassic Park

jurassic park see nobody cares meme

Spared No Expense

jurassic park spared no expense meme

Shows Up Uninvited

jurassic park shows up uninvited meme

Start A Dinosaur Park They Said

jurassic park start a dinosaur park meme

Power Goes Out

jurassic park time for ice cream meme

Jurassic Park

jurassic park unlimited resources meme

 I Have An Army

jurassic park we have a t rex meme

Could Today Possibly Get Any Worse

jurassic park you bet meme

So You Mean To Tell Me Dinosaurs And People Walked Side By Side

jurassic park you mean to tell me meme

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