30 Shocked Jungkook Memes That Will Make You Laugh

Jeon Jungkook or Jeon Jungkook is one of the most popular South Korean pop idols these days. Being a member of the globally known band BTS, he is also a songwriter and record producer. He is also known for creating and releasing several cover songs from famous western artists.

The “maknae” or youngest of the group, Jungkook has a repertoire of adorable habits. As handsome as he is, he loves making derpy faces. He can also sometimes be caught unawares seemingly looking shocked or “shook” as they call it in ARMY and BTS language. And finally, one of our favorites is when the “babie” spaces out. It’s one of life’s mysteries what our adorable Kook is thinking of when these things happen in either lives, award shows, or just anywhere.

Enjoy these adorable and funny Jungkook memes.

When Your Peacefully Eating

jungkook peacefully eating meme

The Face You Make

jungkook big eyed meme

When You Miss A Call

Please Wait

When U Got Ur Revenge

What Kinda Phase Is He Goin Thru Now

jungkook phase now meme

Looking At The Questions On Your Exam

jungkook exam meme

Looking Back On Middle School

When You Eat Too Much Cheetos

jungkook eattoo much cheetos meme

Mind Battle

jungkook mind battle meme

Finals Week

jungkook finals week meme

I Think I Need Jesus

jungkook i think i need meme

Why He Always Looking Like He’s Having A Deep Internal Monologue

jungkook deep internal monologue meme

When You Wanna Eat

jungkook when you wanna eat meme

When Your Teacher Thinks Ur Not Listening

jungkook when your teacher thinks meme


Shocked Jungkook Meme

Math Equations

jungkook math problem meme

When Someone Says Hello To You

jungkook hello meme

When You Bump Your Pinky

jungkook disapprove meme

When Exams Are Fast Approaching

When You accidentally Sat On Something Sticky

Confused Jungkook Meme

When Someone Asks Me For Directions

jungkook ask for direction meme

Have You Ever Been In A Conversation Accidentally Said A Bangtan Lyric

jungkook bangtan lyric meme

When You Get Caught Eating In The Middle Of A Class

jungkook caught eating in the middle of class meme

I Did My Homework Right

jungkook homework again meme

When You Wake Up At 4 Am

jungkook homework meme

Why People Think We Love Jungkook

jungkook love meme

Just Imagine Jungkook Staring At You

jungkook staring at you meme

That Moment You Stub Your Toe

jungkook stub your toe meme

When Someone Tries To Tell Me That I’m Weird

jungkook weird for liking kpop meme

When Yoongi Take A Breathe Before He Rap

jungkook yoongi meme

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