18 John Legend Memes Because All of Him Loves All of You


John Legend is a Grammy Award-winning artist with such a strong, soulful voice that attempting to chitchat while he’s performing is a major disrespect to the ancient singing gods. “Ordinary People”, “Heaven”, “Save Room”, “All of Me”, and “Glory” are just some of the hit singles that established his fame as a singer-songwriter. He’s a very talented artist that deserves nothing but awe and admiration. Well, that and a collection of memes featuring his mini-me, his cool wife Chrissy Teigen, and the legend himself, John Legend.

Check out these 18 John Legend memes to make your day extra soulful.

This Baby Looks More Like John Legend

baby john legend meme

Does This Baby Look Like John Legend

girl baby john legend meme

John Legend Accepting The Fact That He Looks Like Arthur

john legend accepting the fact meme

I Don’t Always Make A Meme But When I Do I Give It All Of Me

john legend all of me meme

John Legend Look Like Arthur Lowkey

john legend arthur lowkey meme

Headed To Maury

john legend headed to maury meme

John Helping A Drunk Chrissy Teigen Take Off Her Jewellery

john legend helping a drunk chrissy teigen meme

John Is Such A Gentleman

john legend is such a gentleman meme

The Golden Globes Spelled John Legend’s Name Wrong

john legend ledgend meme

Is It Me

john legend lemonhead logo meme

Get You Someone Who Looks At You Like John Legend Looks At Chrissy Teigen

john legend looks at you meme

John Loves His Wife So He Holds Her Hand

john legend loves his wife meme

John Legend Performing At The Oscars

john legend performing at the oscars meme

John Legend Is The Sexiest Man Alive

john legend sexiest man alive meme

This Baby Look Like He Bouta Start Singing Ordinary 

john legend singing ordinary people meme

Go On A Date With Two Pregnant Women They Said

john legend two pregnant women meme

When You Hear John Legend Voted Sexiest Man Alive

john legend voted sexiest man alive meme

When Yall Been Talking For A While

john legend weirdo personality meme