21 Sexy, Cutie And Lovely Jimin Memes


Jimin is 1/7th of the most popular group in the world BTS or Bangtan Sonyeondan. Each member of this septet are unique and lovable but we have a special place in our hearts for cutie, sexy, and lovely Jimin.

We’re so elated to see Jimin in his element nowadays and so comfortable in his own skin. He’s not afraid to scrunch up his face for meme effect, crack the funniest jokes, or make his cute squeaky sounds.

Male, female, old, young – the whole world is in love with our Mochi. Check out these Jimin memes and see just how adorable he is.

Okay Jimin I Want U To Act Tough

jimin act tough but cute memes

When My Best Friend Copies From Me

jimin copies memes

When You Know You Failed A Test

jimin failed a test memes

Lord Give Me Strength

jimin give me strength memes

How To Completely Wreck Millions Of Girls Emotionally

jimin how to completely wreck millions of girls emotionally memes

I’m Not Cute

jimin im not cute memes

When People Say K-Pop Is Chinese

jimin kpop is chinese memes

Little Sibling

jimin little sibling memes

Jimin Making His Face Looks Puffy

jimin making his face looks puffy memes

When Mom Calls You For Dinner

jimin mom calls you for dinner memes

I’ve Never Related To A Picture More In My Entire Life

jimin related to picture memes

First Day Of School Vs The Rest Of The School Year

jimin school memes

When You Tell A Joke

jimin tell a joke memes

Things To Love About Jimin

jimin things to love memes

Is This Dork Trying To Look Angry Because It’s Not Working

jimin trying to look angry memes

Jimin Trying To Pick Colors

jimin trying to pick colors memes

Jimin Unconsciously Makes Hearts

jimin unconsviously makes hearts memes

Park Jimin Without Make Up And After Shower

jimin without make up memes

When Your Family Says You Look Good

jimin you look good memes

Your Mind Version 1

jimin your mind version 1 memes

Your Mind Version 2

jimin your mind version 2 memes

Always be h^^py, Jimin-ssi!