18 Memes Of Jimin’s Bratz Doll Lips

Park Jimin of the worldwide sensation music group BTS is making waves in both his home country Korea and the rest of the world. Fans cannot get enough of his beautiful face, unique vocal color, and breathtaking dancing skills.

There are many fun pop culture references to Jimin. His fans cutely call him the son of Beyoncé. They clamor for him to be the next Disney prince. However, one interesting comparison that is made in relation to Jimin is a comparison to a Bratz doll.

If you check out these Jimin lips memes, you’ll understand why.

Jimin’s Lips Appreciation

jimin lips appreciation memes

Park Jimin

jimin lips best memes

Jimin Has Better Lips

jimin lips better lips memes

What’s Your Biggest Weakness

jimin lips biggest weakness memes

Jimins Lips

jimin lips bratz memes

Can We Talk About Jimin’s Lips

jimin lips can we talk memes

The Plush Plump N Pretty Doll Lips Community

jimin lips doll lips community memes

Doll Lips

jimin lips doll memes

Honestly Me As A Fansite

jimin lips honestly memes

Jimin’s Natural Plump Lips

jimin lips natural plump memes

I Tried Painting Jimin’s Lips On My Arm

jimin lips painting memes

Jimins Lips Are So Plump And Pretty

jimin lips pretty memes

His Lips Are Literally The Same Shade Of Pink As His Hair

jimin lips same shade of pink memes

Jimin Has The Most Softest And Plumpest Lips Ever

jimin lips softest memes

If You Think About It

jimin lips think about it memes

I’m Not Saying

jimin lips vaseline memes

This Is On A Whole New Level

jimin lips whole new level memes

Jimin With Glitter Lip Gloss

jimin lips with glitter memes


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