20 Sweet Jikook Memes Attacking Your Kokoro


Welcome, Jikookers! Aka snow nation, ramen nation, ear-nibbling nation, night buddies nation, gcft nation, pancake nation, fireworks nation, and every-other-word-in-the-dictionary nation. Yes, they’ve done it all to make jikookers cry with how cute this ship can be.

Disney date? Check. Ear-nibbling in Rosebowl? Check. Attached at the hip? Check. This ship is shipping itself.

Now have fun reliving their moments with these funny Jikook memes.

The Moment When That Accidentally Happened

jikook accidentally happened meme

Can You All Hear Me Crying

jikook can you all hear me crying meme

Why You Can’t Unship Jikook

jikook cant unship meme

When A Couple Does Couple Stuff

jikook couple stuff meme

The Way Jungkook Has His Hand On Jimin’s Chair

jikook hand meme

Jimin When Jungkook Was Sick

jikook jimin meme

Hey Look

jikook laughing a lot meme

He’s Mine

jikook mine meme

When You Realized Jungkook Is Not A Baby Anymore

jikook not a baby meme

Parkdatass Jimin

jikook parkdatass meme


jikook police officer meme

They’re In Public

jikook public meme

When Jikook Sit Together

jikook sit together meme

I Think About Jikook

jikook think meme

I Can’t Believe

jikook titanic pose meme

It’s Actually A Sock You Guys

jikook underwear meme

Jikook Vlives

jikook vlives meme

Now Watch Me Whip

jikook watch me whip meme

What You See

jikook what i see meme

I’m A Superhero

jikook yourman meme