20 Funniest Jealous Girlfriend Memes Ever


Prepare to have a good laugh with our jealous girlfriend meme collection!

A jealous girlfriend is someone who’s faithful. If she’s not getting jealous, there’s a good chance that someone else has her attention. So, whenever your girl is getting too clingy and overprotective, just remember that it’s her way of showing her affection.

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If you’re still annoyed by the way she’s acting, just look at this collection. It’s guaranteed to make you feel a lot better- we promise!


A Jealous Girlfriend

Don’t Worry She’s Just A Friend

I Don’t Care If She Has A Boyfriend

Another Girl Liked Your Status

Please Tell Me More About How

Sure You Can Have Boys Night Out

I Saw You Talking With The Cashier

Girlfriends Be Like

Who The Hell Is Alarm

How I Feel

How Jealous Girlfriends Act

You Liked Her Selfie

Stop Looking At My Boyfriend

Tag That Friend

She Said Goodbye To My Boyfriend

Jealous Gf’s Be Like

Went Out On The Town With My Friends

When You See Someone Getting A Little Too Friendly With Your Guy

Babe She’s Just A Friend

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