20 Jar Jar Binks Memes That Will Make You Love The Character Even More


If you’re a fan of Star Wars, you’ll surely enjoy this Jar Jar Binks meme collection.

Jar Jar Binks is a popular fictional character in Star Wars. He was a military commander who played an important role in the invasion of Naboo. Despite the key role he played, the character isn’t well-received. A lot of fans think that he was just created to please the younger viewers.

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You Guys Talking About Mesa

Thank You Xbox One

Meesa Having Berry Buzzy Day

When All Goes Wrong

That Moment When You Realize

Why The Hate Meesa Nice Guy

Still A Better Addition

I Will Find You’sa

He Said What 

I Ain’t Even Mad

When You Leave Her House

Allowed One Vote In Senate

Meesa Thinks You Should

My Most Favorite Character

I Willsa Finish 

Dude Says 

That Face You Have

Weesa Going Home

Meesa Have Annoying Voice

Count Your Blessings

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