Too Good To Be True? Here Are 20 Funny It’s A Trap Memes

We love this “It’s a trap” meme. Do you know why? It teaches the golden lesson that if something seems too good to be true, it probably IS too good to be true.

If a pop-up ad says you won a million dollars or if your significant other says he or she doesn’t want anything for a birthday, don’t say we didn’t warn you. It’s a trap!

Check out these funny “it’s a trap” memes. Who knew there would be so many things you gotta watch out for?

This Ad Said I Won 10,000 Dollars

its a trap ad memes

When She Doesn’t Want Anything For Her Birthday

its a trap birthday memes

All I Want For Christmas Is You

its a trap christmas memes

I Mean She’s Cute

its a trap cute memes

Do Not Go To The Bathroom In A Dream

its a trap dream memes

EA Won’t Mess Up Battlefront

its a trap ea memes

When A Girl Says Everything Is Ok

its a trap everything is ok memes

When Your Friend Suspiciously Says Come Here

its a trap friend memes

No It’s Fine

its a trap friends memes

Girlfriend Asks You If She Looks Fat

its a trap girlfriend memes

I’m Not Saying It’s A Trap

its a trap im not saying memes

See A Link About Star Wars

its a trap link about star wars memes

Some Day Love Will Find You

its a trap love memes

Warm Bed In Cold Weather

its a trap open book exam memes

Goes Onto Random Site

its a trap random site memes

If The Wife Ever Asks If You’d Remarry If She Died

its a trap remarry memes

I Need To Buy One Tshirt Only

its a trap shopping memes

When She Says She Doesn’t Want Anything For Valentine’s Day

its a trap valentines day memes

When A Woman Says Fine Go Ahead Then

its a trap woman memes

Three Words

its a trap words memes

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