20 Hilarious iPhone Memes

iPhone is the second best selling product next to Rubiks Cube. But, it’s often the subject of mockery mainly because of its outrageously expensive price. Despite that, Apple fanboys continue to line up in every Apple Store worldwide each time there’s a new release.

If you’re one of them or you just like this gadget that much, here’s a cool collection of iPhone memes for you. Enjoy!

When You Need To Call The Police

Apple Samsung Nokia

Before Buying iPhone X 

Buy An iPhone 5 They Said 

Buy iPhone 7 

Goes To Swipe Between iPhone Pages 

Hey Bro I Heard You Like iPhone

I Have An iPhone 

Introducing The iPhone 20

iPhone 7 Is Brilliant 

iPhone X Facial Recognition Uncrackable

Make Your Own iPhone 7 

Oh You Have An iPhone Now

Prepare Your Kidney

The Headphone Jack Is On The Bottom

The iPhone 5c Will Be Cheaper

The New iPhone X Has Facial Recognition

This Is An iPhone 

When You Type Of Unit A Word Wrong

When Your Friend Got A New iPhone

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