24 iPhone 11 Memes About The New Design


Has your social media or YouTube feed been full of iPhone 11 updates and reviews of late? That’s because as of writing, the iPhone 11 has been revealed. It’s got a great price and fast processor. But guess what people are talking about? The weird camera design at the back.

Is this the trend of new mobile phones nowadays? Multiplying camera lenses? With the fast pace of technology nowadays, you just never know what’s going to be the next big thing.

Check out how the meme lords are making fun of the new iteration of the iPhone with these funny iPhone 11 memes.

Iphone 10

evolution of iphones meme

When You First See The Iphone 11

funny iphone 11 meme

Iphone 11 Be Like

iphone 11 be like meme


iphone 11 cartoon meme

Looks Kinda Like A Shaver

iphone 11 design meme

I Knew The New Iphone 11 Looked Very Familiar To Me

iphone 11 funny meme

When You First See The Iphone 11

iphone 11 hilarious meme

Iphone 11 Hive Eyes

iphone 11 hive eyes

Iphone 7: No Headphones

iphone 11 memes

Who Thought It Was A Good Idea

iphone 11 mitosis meme

My Face When I See

iphone 11 my face when meme

The New Iphone 11 Pro Looks Sick

iphone 11 new meme

New Technology Introduced In Iphone 11

iphone 11 new technology meme

Iphone 11 Approved

iphone 11 prince approved meme

Steve Jobs In His Grave Right Now

iphone 11 steve jobs meme

The Iphone 11 Can Also Work As A Stove

iphone 11 stove meme

Apple’s Iphone 11 Strategy

iphone 11 strategy meme

Iphone 11 Surprised Pikachu Look Alike

iphone 11 surprised pikachu meme

Ten Year Challenge

iphone 11 ten year challenge meme

New Iphone 11 Releases

iphone 11 thanos meme

Meet The New Iphone

meet the new iphone 11 meme

This Is What U Look Like

new iphone 11 meme

Perfect Iphone 11 Case

perfect iphone 11 case meme

Iphone 11 Pro

the next iphones meme

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