24 Funny and Relatable Introvert Memes

Welcome, fellow introverts!

There was a time when being an introvert was a bad thing to be. Nowadays though, people are recognizing that it’s cool to embrace your inner introvert. After all, there’s a lot of cool stuff about being one. You can enjoy your own company. You can eat by yourself in a restaurant and watch a movie on your own and still have fun. Your quiet “me” hours are treasured and precious.

And then there’s the relatable things like people up on your space or not giving you a moment to yourself. Here are some funny introvert memes that are quite relatable.

I Just Need 8 To 12 Hours Of Alone Time In The Mornings

introvert alone time meme

Being An Introvert

introvert being meme

How’s It Going

introvert busy meme

When You Start Socializing A Little Too Much

introvert excuses meme


introvert extend quarantine meme

An Introverts Face

introvert face meme

Mom Taking Me To Family Events

introvert family events meme

My Mom

introvert friends meme

What Are You Listening To In Your Headphones

introvert headphones meme

The Highest Compliment An Introvert Can Give

introvert highest compliment meme

When Someone In Your House Comes Back From Getting Groceries

introvert in your house meme

How Introverts Make Friends

introvert make friends meme

When You Accidentally Open A Convo

introvert open a convo meme

Phone Rings

introvert phone rings meme

My Quarantine Mood

introvert quarantine mood meme

When You Finally Say Something

introvert say something meme

Sorry I’m Late

introvert shop meme

What You Do During Small Talk

introvert small talks meme

People On Social Media That Don’t Post Anything

introvert social media meme

Introverts Trying To Go Home

introvert trying to go home meme

Me Trying To Talk To People

introvert trying to talk to people meme

Washroom Thoughts

introvert washroom thoughts meme

Aaahhh I’m So Excited For The Weekend

introvert weekend meme

What I Tell People

introvert what i tell people meme