28 Internet Husband Memes For The Frustrated Wife


Marriage is already hard as it is. It’s a lifetime of “who’s gonna do the dishes, pick up the kids”, and much more. Imagine having to share your husband’s time with no other than the mighty internet. While it’s a serious household concern, it doesn’t mean we can’t make fun of the whole situation. Hence, the internet husband.

The internet husband is probably not into watching The Princess Bride with you on a Friday night. Instead, he’s so hooked to the internet it’s ridiculous. Welcome to the modern world of familial relationships. An era when the internet makes taking out the trash a hundred times harder than it used to.

Asked Him To Come

A Valentine’s Day Card

Brother Passed Away

Called A Butter Knife

Grandfather Fell Out Of His Wheelchair

I Told Him To Stop Speaking Memes

He Said He Had Something

He Tried To Build A House

Help Me Take Some Heavy Boxes

I Ordered A Pizza

I Read Him My Vows

I Showed Him The Barney Toy

My Friends Died In A Car Accident

I Disapproved Of His Internet Habits

I Tripped Down The Stairs

I Told Him My Brother Was Shot

I Asked Him If He Thought

Now I Know Why

I Said The Nursery For The Baby

Our Neighbor Slashed Our Tires

I Told Him My Mother Died

I Asked Him To Spend More

Tell Him To Do Something Constructive

We Took The Kids To The Aquarium

We Are Going To Lose The House

Who’s Gonna Be With Him 

Why He Had 32 Folders

Why We Bought So Many Potatoes

We’d take the Internet husband any day over the psycho girlfriend, though. How about you?