25 Insurance Memes That We Can Absolutely Relate To


Getting an insurance is important, particularly when it comes to financial planning. It grants peace of mind and ensures stability not just for you but for your loved ones as well.

Unfortunately, the process of getting one isn’t that easy. Most of the time, you’ll feel exhausted, annoyed, and stressed out.

Because we understand how bad the process can get, we’re here to cheer you up with this funny insurance meme collection. Enjoy!

Brace Yourself

Don’t Get Flood Insurance

Do Transformers Get

For 7 Years

You Got Insurance For Your Car

Good Luck

Health Insurance

I Can Save

I Don’t Always

I Got 99 Problems

I Just Saved A Bundle

Insurance Agent

Insurance Salesmen

I Still Don’t Know

Just Waiting

Life Insurance Is Very Expensive

My Parents

Need Dental Work

Oh The Car Insurance

Purchase Flood Insurance You Must


So Tell Me Again

You Are

You Got Insurance

You’ve Had The Same Insurance Coverages

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