20 Intimidating Insanity Wolf Memes


If you don’t know Insanity Wolf, well, you don’t need to think too hard. He’s exactly as his name says. He’s a wolf and he’s kinda insane.

If Courage Wolf helps you get over life’s difficulties, Insanity Wolf tells you to commit acts of violence and insanity like rape, pillage, and kill. Bloodthirsty, right? It’s no accident that a feral-looking wolf was used for this meme.

We’re sharing some Insanity Wolf memes but since we’re PG13 on this site, we’re giving you some of Insanity Wolf’s more wholesome memes.

Check them out!

All Of It

Can You Please Open The Window

Dead Tired While Trying 

Drink Diet Coke

Drinks Orange Juice

Eats Olestra Chips

Files Nails With Chalkboard

First Spin On “Wheel Of Fortune”

Go To Clean Up Dog Poop

Intensity Intensifies Intensely

Lavender Town Theme Music?

Make Eye Contact

Out Of Biscuits

Puts Toothpick Under Toenail

Saw Girlfriend On Tinder

Take Arrow To Knee

They Call You “Emo”

Watched My Little Pony

We’re In The Sun Room

Zombie Apocalypse?

What do you think of these Insanity Wolf memes?