20 I Miss U Memes For When You’re Apart


Are you in a long-distance relationship? Or did your bf or gf go for a milk run and you miss that person already? We have just the thing for you — an “I miss you” meme.

Tell your loved one how much you’re suffering with these sad yet ironically humorous memes. With such a sad frown, a pouty face, or full-on ugly crying, the person you’re sending this meme to will surely know how much they are missed.

Check out our favorite “I miss u” meme collection.

1I Miss You But You Don’t Care

2Cute Hello I Miss You

3Cute Sad Baby

4I Miss You Already

5I Miss You Baby Meme

6Missing You Memes

7I Miss You So Much

8I Miss You Badly

9Obama Miss America

10I Miss My Boyfriend

11I Miss You Overly Attached Girlfriend

12On The Phone To Your Girlfriend

13Missing You So Much Panda

14Crying Kid Miss You Meme

15I’m Gonna Miss You

16I Miss You The Second You Leave

17Donald Trump Missing Taylor

18I Do Miss You

19Spongebob Missing Someone

20Grumpy Cat Miss You Meme

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