22 I Almost Died Memes (Almost… But Not Quite)


There are moments in life where you feel like you just narrowly avoided the touch of death. Sure, seeing what you thought was your towel blink at you with suspiciously cat-like eyes doesn’t actually kill you for real, but it sure as heck feels like it did just from the sheer shock of it all! How about nearly tripping on a flight of stairs? Now that’s deadly.

There are a lot of things in the world that you may feel are out to get you—too many to count really. That’s why we’ve scrounged up a bunch of death-defying memes for you to scroll through below. Go on and take a look!

I’ll Have You Know That I Just Discovered Roundabouts

i almost died 3 times meme

Bitches Be Like

i almost died bitches be like meme

I Almost Died For You

i almost died but did you die meme

Almost Died In A Car Accident

i almost died car accident meme

I Almost Died Saving This Man

i almost died cat is sleeping meme

When I Lifted Her Head I Almost Died From Laughing

i almost died dentures meme

I Almost Died

i almost died dinosaurs meme

I Almost Died

i almost died expendables meme

Tries Fortnite For First Time

i almost died fortnite meme

I Almost Died

i almost died happy birthday meme

When You Almost Die At Work Twice

i almost died im in danger meme

I Almost Died

i almost died in your arms meme

I Laughed So Hard

i almost died laugh so hard meme

I Laughed So Hard

i almost died laughed so hard meme

Netflix Needs To Fix This

i almost died netflix meme

I Almost Died Today

i almost died ok meme

Puts PS4 Into Rest Mode

i almost died ps4 meme

Le Shower Time

i almost died shower time meme

Almost Died When My Towel Blinked At Me

i almost died towel blinked at me meme

Le Me Walking

i almost died walking meme

Went To The Gym

i almost died went to the gym meme

I Almost Died To The Zombie Skeleton

i almost died zombie meme