20 Creepy Horror Movie Memes


Horror movies are things of chills and frights. Can they actually get funny? Yes, they can but in the form of horror movie memes.

For example, let’s talk about cliches. We always know the movie character who does the exploring will get killed first so go ahead why don’t you? And what about your staple horror movie villain? In the cold light of day, some can actually be funny.

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Check out these horror movie themes and get ready for Halloween!

The Killer Is In The Basement

That Look on Your Face When Someone Says

This Could Be Us

Rules of Survival

You Are Not Alone Anymore

I Got You A Present

Can Burn Up To 200 Calories Annabelle Said

This Is Jake From State Farm

Watch Out For Michael

When Watching A Horror Movie

What’s The Matter Kid Don’t You Like Clown

I Don’t Know Man

I Don’t Always Put On A Smiley Face

If You Think This Is The Face Of Mercy

Shout Out To The Kids

I Wonder What Would Happen

I Could Definitely Use

I Can’t See You

Sometimes I Wonder

What’s Your Favourite Horror Movie

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