20 Hoarding Memes For The Compulsive Hoarder


Do you know a compulsive hoarder? Like, they can’t throw away anything because they just might need it someday. Maybe it’s plastic containers, package boxes, old clothes, or unused furniture. If you do, then these hoarding memes should be very relatable.

Nowadays, the opposite of hoarding is becoming a trend. Marie Kondo, the icon for living only with things that “spark joy” is telling us to let go of unnecessary things that are holding us down.

So if you know of any hoarder, show them these hoarding memes and introduce them to the joys of a minimalist life.

Just In Case

Book Recommendations

Give Me A Minute

Hard To Throw It Away

Them Darn Kids

Hoarding Level

20 Years Ago

Candy Curse

I Threw Away The Broken Calculator

My Cat’s FaceĀ 

My Employee Said

My Husband Be Like…

My Name Is Missy

We Decided To Move The Couch

The Face You MakeĀ 

The Little Mermaid Teaching Young Girls

What I Look Like

When You Want To Live

Who’s A Hoarder?

That Hoarding Problem

Share these hoarding memes with the compulsive hoarder in your life.