20 Most Hilarious Happy Birthday Memes


If you are looking for a hilarious happy birthday meme, then you’ve come to the right place! Today’s collection can surely make your friends laugh hysterically on their special day. So, spread the fun and take your pick. Enjoy!

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Don’t Just Wish For An Awesome Birthday

I Got You A Birthday Present

Guess What Day It Is??

Happy Birthday From One Superstar To Another

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Kickback Like A Boss

Happy Birthday That Means You’re Not A Zombie Yet

If You Were Jesus… Today Would Be Christmas!

I’m Morgan Freeman And I’m Wishing You A Happy Birthday

It’s Your Birthday?

May You Grow So Old That People Mistake Your Boobs For Nuts 

So… Will There Be Cake?

This Is My Happy Birthday Face

Today Is My Birthday

We Don’t Really Know Where This Birthday Party Idea Goes

When People Sing Happy Birthday To You 

Write Happy Birthday On Facebook Wall

Yeah Bro Its My Birthday

Your Face When They Tell You

You’re So Old This Was Your First School Book

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