18 Highly Entertaining Hey Internet Memes


There’s always that one guy that loves to jump in with a comment that’s just asking to start something. While not something we would ever condone in real life or in any serious context, seeing the reactions of people and even entire internet communities when you trigger them with a controversial sentence is undeniably highly entertaining.

One example of a controversial thing that’s sure to rile up a ton of people is saying that the sequel Star Wars trilogies are better than the original trilogy. For a few more hilarious examples, keep on reading as we’ve gotten the best ones we’ve seen yet!

Hey Weebs

hey internet anime meme


hey internet celebrity meme

Hey Internet

hey internet comic sans meme

Dark Mode Users

hey internet dark mode meme

Hey Imgflip

hey internet downvoted a meme

Hey Fairy Tail Fans

hey internet fairy tail fans meme

Hey Flat Earthers

hey internet flat earthers meme

Hey Gamers

hey internet gamers meme

Hey Guys

hey internet meme sucks


hey internet opinion meme

Hey Internet

hey internet own opinion meme

Hey Internet

hey internet reposts meme

Guess What

hey internet roblox meme

Hey Thomas The Tank Engine Fans

hey internet thomas the tank meme

Hey There Imgflip Users

hey internet tiktok meme

Hey Guitar Community

hey internet tonewood meme

Hey Vegetarians

hey internet vegetarians meme

Hey Wandavision Stans

hey internet wandavision meme