20 Here’s Johnny Memes From The Shining


Ever wanted to genuinely scare someone out of their pants? Then this right here is how you do it. The phrase actually originates from an episode of The Tonight Show back in 1962, but it has since referred to when The Shining referenced it in a scene wherein Jack Torrance is on the hunt for blood and disturbingly pokes his head out of a door frame.

The actual clip is downright disturbing as intended so here’s some funny memes to chase those nightmares away.

Don’t Worry

heres johnny bad sugar high meme

Here Comes Johnny

heres johnny better story than twilight meme

Cabin Fever

heres johnny cabin fever meme

Can I Have A Cup

heres johnny cup of sugar meme

You Done In The Toilet

heres johnny done in the toilet meme

The Enemy Team

heres johnny enemy team meme

Put Your Food Away

heres johnny food meme

Heeerrreee’s Good Flossing

heres johnny good flossing meme

Hey Imgflip

heres johnny hey imgflip meme

Heeeeere’s Johnny

heres johnny hi meme


heres johnny housekeeping meme

What Are You Doing Out Of The Kitchen

heres johnny kitchen meme

Here’s Mommy

heres johnny mommy meme

My Tooth

heres johnny my tooth meme

Hi Honey

heres johnny need more toilet paper meme

You Left Without Me Playing The Song Of My People

heres johnny playing the song of my people meme

When You Hear Someone Talk About You Behind Your Back

heres johnny someone talk about you behind your back meme

Here’s Spartaaaaaaa

heres johnny sparta meme

Here’s Johnny

heres johnny toilet roll meme

Yo Dawg

heres johnny yo dawg meme

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