20 Adorbs Happy Birthday Cat Memes


Are you looking for a Happy Birthday cat meme?

Facebook has become one of the best social media spots for one reason- birthday reminders! We have collected 20 happy birthday cat memes for you to post on your friend’s wall on their birthdays. These cute and witty cat memes are guaranteed to bring joy and happiness to anyone celebrating their birthday today.

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Ceiling Cat Is Wishing You A Happy Birthday

Happee Burfday! I Giv Yoo… Me!

Happy Bird-Day

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday! Go On… Spoil yourself!

Happy Birthday! I Made You A Present!

Happy Birthday Now Join The Dark Side

Happy Birthday This Much

Happy Birthday To An Amazing Person

Happy Birthday Yay

Have A Happy Birthday Boss Lady!!

I Got You A Present For Your Birthday

I’m Too Late Sorry But A Happy Birthday Too You

It’s My Birthday Party And I’ll Make You Cry If I Want To

It’s Your Birthday I’m Controlling My Excitement

Just So You Know I Love Cake

Omg Happy

Omg!! You Are How Old? Happy Birthday!!!!

Scuse Me, Pleeze… 

This Cat Has Bread On His Face

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