20 Relatable Hamburger Memes

Who doesn’t love a good burger every now and then? On occasion, we just get that craving even for those really unhealthy, manufactured fast-food burgers. They just have that right synergy of bread, patty, cheese, and veggies that gets our mouths drooling. Sometimes, though, the burgers we get can be pretty disappointing, especially if you rely on that extremely misleading photo on the menu! You think it’s packed to the brim with deliciousness, but in reality, it’s just sadness between two buns.

If you’re in a mood to eat a good burger, why not just read these burger-related memes instead while eating a good salad sandwich? Goodness knows it’s much healthier!

Anatomy Of A Burger

hamburger anatomy meme

And Diet Soda Please

hamburger and diet soda please meme

Be Careful Who You Call Ugly

hamburger be careful meme

Biggest Hamburger Ever

hamburger biggest meme

Where Do You Want To Move

hamburger burgerham meme

Death By Hamburger

hamburger death meme

And A Diet Coke Please

hamburger diet coke meme


hamburger expectation meme

Yeah I’m Into Fitness

hamburger fitness meme

Thank God

hamburger friday meme

Guess What Day It Is

hamburger guess what day it is meme


hamburger illustration meme

Hamburger Meme

hamburger mate meme


hamburger me meme

Name A Fruit

hamburger name a fruit meme

Oh Burger

hamburger oh burger meme

One Does Not Simply

hamburger one does not simply meme

Hamburger + Hamburger

hamburger plus meme


hamburger remember meme


hamburger why not both meme

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