24 Funny Gru’s Plan Memes Where Things Fall Apart

The internet agrees that Gru is one of the most adorable villains to ever come onscreen. The hit movie Despicable Me is a family favorite in huge part because of Gru’s surprisingly heartwarming character.

If you remember the scene where Gru gives an old-fashioned presentation during a video call, then you’ll be able to recognize these funny Gru’s Plan memes.

Check out Gru’s funny memes where netizens make fun of big plans falling apart spectacularly.

The Raid’s In 4 Days

grus plan area 51 raid meme

Steal The Falklands From Britain

grus plan argentina meme

Burn Fossil Fuels

grus plan burn fossil fuels meme

Buy Tumblr For $1.1 Billion

grus plan buy tumblr meme

We Make Other Shows

grus plan cartoon network meme

Go To Sleep Alone

grus plan cat meme

I Revive Star Wars: The Clone Wars

grus plan clone wars meme

Gru Counting

grus plan counts meme

Watch A Hypnotizing Video

grus plan hypnotizing video meme

Bring Avengers Together To Face Thanos

grus plan infinity stones meme

Resurrect Jason And Tell Him To Kill Elm Street Kids

grus plan jason meme

Trying To Learn French

grus plan learn french meme

Like Girl

grus plan like girl meme

Make A Meme

grus plan make a meme

Meet A New Person

grus plan meet a new person meme

Think Of New Idea

grus plan new idea meme

Put Hard Work On Meme

grus plan put hard work on meme

I’m Going To Sleep Early Tonight

grus plan sleep early tonight meme

I Wait For March 14

grus plan spongebob meme

Shoot Star Wars The Last Jedi

grus plan star wars meme

Start A New Anime

grus plan start a new anime meme

Start A Trading Company In The South Seas

grus plan start a trading company in the south seas meme

Be Pepper

grus plan turn spicy meme

Watch A Show With Great Characters

grus plan watch a show with great characters meme

We hope that your plans for world domination fare better, readers!

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