11 Greta Thunberg Memes Because How Dare You


Environmental activist Greta Thunberg, at a young age, chastised world leaders for failing to act on matters of climate change. Attending the 2019 UN Climate Action Summit, she delivered a rousing speech that got everyone’s attention.┬áHer strong presence on the global stage and her ability to make people listen to what she has to say has since been dubbed as the “Greta effect”. Last year, she became Time’s Person of the Year.

Thunberg’s outspoken activism began when she was 15, standing outside the Swedish parliament and calling for more concrete solutions on climate change. This inspired other students to do the same, uniting more people of the younger generation to call for stronger actions to save our planet. True enough, children are supposed to enjoy their childhood, not worry about what kind of apocalyptic outfit they would be donning in the future.

Check out these 10 Greta Thunberg memes.

ECO Mode

greta thunberg diesel meme

One Of These People Is A Child

greta thunberg donald trump meme


Conservatives Billionaires World Leaders

greta thunberg idiots that lives on it meme

Save The Planet

greta thunberg save the planet meme

Throws Paper In Trash

greta thunberg throws paper in trash meme

He Tries To Be Great

greta thunberg trump meme

Greta When Trump Walked In

greta thunberg when trump walked in meme

No One Is Too Small To Have An Impact

greta thunberg change the world meme

When You Leave Your Car Idling In The Driveway

greta thunberg leave car idling meme

Do You Want A Balloon

greta thunberg do you want a balloon meme

When You Forgot To Recycle

greta thunberg when you forget to recycle meme

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