22 Memes That Show How 2021 Grammy Awards Went Down


Because of the pandemic, the producers of this year’s Grammy awards had to be creative. The award ceremony was held outdoors and the audience watched from home or online. Of note was the premiere show preceding the televised one. It showed exactly the effects of the pandemic as winners made their acceptance speeches via wonky internet connections.

In case you didn’t get to watch it, here are 22 memes that surprisingly give you a good idea of the highlights of the show. Our BTS-driven disappointment still stings but WAP and Beyonce made up for the night.

Hi My Name Is Harry Styles

Meg Really Said Beyonce

This Picture Has 63 Grammys

Society If Cardi And Meg Were Allowed To Do An Uncensored WAP Performance At The Grammys

Beyonce And Jay-Z


Billie Eilish Is Me Watching Harry Styles

Taylor Swift Turning Up To The Grammys

Taylor Swift On Grammys Night

The Grammy Censoring Guy During WAP

I Know This WAP Performance WAs Not What The Creators Would’ve Forseen

BTS Performance Light Up The Sky Tonight

BTS Doesn’t Need Grammys

Megan And Cardi B

Bad Bunny Grooving Dua Lipa’s Levitating Is All I Need

Blue Ivy Got Her Own Sippy Cup

I’m Post Malone Watching Card And Megan Perform WAP

When The Camera Cut To

Armys Yelling At The Grammys

Armys Reacting To Grammys

Me When Megan Won Best New Artists

Me Interviewing Cardi And MEgan