20 Grammar Memes That’ll Make Your Day

Correct grammar isn’t just important to teachers. If you really think about it, correct grammar enables one to communicate in a way that’s easy to understand. Writing with poor use of punctuations and full of grammatical errors is just hard to read. Apart from that, it can cause misunderstandings, too.

Whether you are a grammar nazi or you simply can’t ignore wrong grammar when you see it, here’s an interesting collection for you. Below, we have the funniest grammar meme collection you’ll find handy. Pick your favorite and just share it!

You have woken my grammar nazi spirit

Your incorrect grammar has woken my spirit Grammar Meme

My relationship with semi colon

Me and semi colons Grammar Meme

Your grammar is bad

Your grammar is bad Grammar Meme

You think grammar is just a game?

You think grammar is a game Grammar Meme

Oh no you made batman cry

You make batman cry Grammar Meme

This is why punctuation is important

This is why grammar is important Grammar Meme

The cannons be ready Captain

The cannons be ready Grammar Meme

I don’t always correct people’s grammar

I don't always correct Grammar Meme

Hey girl ! Gosling has something to say

Hey girl Grammar Meme


Now he thinks i like him

He texted me Grammar Meme

Protector of grammar abuse and internet killjoys

Grammar nazis Grammar Meme

Get well soon spidey!

All this grammar gives me cancer Grammar MemeGrammar nerd wants to fight

Super nerd wants to fight Grammar Meme

Spelling is important

Spelling is important Grammar Meme

Is this a squirrel eating pumkin or squirrel-eating pumpkin?

Punctuation is important Grammar Meme

It’s pick me not pick I

Its pick me Grammar Meme

I’m not in a mood to fight kids

I'm not in fighting shape Grammar Meme

Please don’t feed kenny

I need this sign Grammar Meme

“Your gay”

Come along gay Grammar Meme

A comma is needed here

A comma was really needed Grammar Meme

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