20 Grad School Memes That Are Painfully True

Being a graduate student isn’t easy. You’ll need a lot of time and energy to understand your lessons. You’ll have to endure longer classes and more complicated requirements just to get over it. Most of the time, you’ll feel overwhelmed and frustrated.

If you’re a new graduate student, you’d totally understand all those hardships.

Now, to make things a bit lighter for you, we’ve put together this really hilarious grad school meme collection that perfectly highlights the experience. Scroll down and enjoy!

When Someone Asks

Go To Grad School They Said

Grad School Has Me Like

Welcome To Grad School

Job Hunting Too Hard

Would You Like

This Is How I Feel

I Was In Grad School Once

Not Sure If Applying To Grad School

On A Scale Of 1-10

That Moment In Grad School

Grad School Over The Summer

Where Everything’s Made Up

Was A Bad Choice

Just Registered

And Then I Said

How I Survived My First Semester

Finish Grad School Finals

One Does Not Simply

What Do We Say

Finished The First Week Of Grad School

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