20 Gorilla Memes That Will Leave You Laughing Your Heart Out


Gorillas are intelligent animals. They seem to understand humans and they even walk like one. Because they tend to get big, however, a lot of people are afraid of them. And with some movies and stories portraying them in a bad light, people steer away from them.

In reality, however, gorillas can be quite funny. In fact, they are often the subject of memes because of their weird behavior and poses. If you’re curious to know what we mean, check out the hilarious collection of gorilla memes we have prepared for you today. It’s guaranteed to make you adore the primates more.

As You Can See

Breaking News

Do You Have A Minute

Do You Like

Got Moved

Hey Baby

Hey Girl

Hey Playa

I Love Bananas

Is That A Banana

It’s All Love

Moment When You Realize

My Face

So Boom

That Moment

Thought Trainer Was

Throws Poop

When Gorillas

When Someone Brings

When The Praise Team