20 Memorable Gorilla Glue Memes


We all watched with concern and breathless anticipation as Gorilla Girl’s hair drama unfolded in 2021. In a case of bad judgment, Tessa reached for a can of Gorilla Glue when she ran out of hairspray. The rest is Tiktok and social media history as the story thankfully ended up in a surgeon helping out our gal.

It’s skyrocketed Gorilla Glue to mad fame though. Check out these hilarious Gorilla Glue memes. Folks, never use Gorilla Glue for anything other than what it’s intended for!

Amazing New Lip Balm

gorilla glue amazing new lip balm memes

Are You Gorilla Glue

gorilla glue are you memes

I Found Some Hair Products In The Clearance Aisle

gorilla glue clearance sale memes

Every Hairdresser Reacting To The Woman Who Put Gorilla Glue In Her Hair

gorilla glue every hairdresser memes

The Girl With The Gorilla Glue Ponytail Ten Years From Now

gorilla glue girl 10 years from now memes

Did She Gorilla Glue Her Eyes Open Too

gorilla glue girl eyes memes

Gorilla Glue Girl When She Watches The Next Season Of Grey’s Anatomy

gorilla glue girl greys anatomy memes

Run Out Of Hairspray

gorilla glue girl memes

This Is How I Look Waiting For Updates On Gorilla Glue Girl

gorilla glue how i look memes

Finna Do My Lashes

gorilla glue lashes memes

Me Trying To Get In On this Gorilla Glue Lawsuit

gorilla glue lawsuit memes

Marked Safe

gorilla glue marked safe memes

Newest Addition To The Gorilla Glue Beauty Line

gorilla glue newest edition memes


gorilla glue no memes

Ran Out Of Eye Drops

gorilla glue run out of eyedrops memes

I Just Want Someone To Hold Me Down

gorilla glue someone memes

I Bet He’s Thinking About Other Woman

gorilla glue thinking about other woman memes

Ran Out Of Toothpaste

gorilla glue toothpaste memes

Valentine’s Day 2021

gorilla glue valentines day memes

When This Is Over

gorilla glue when this is over memes