25 Gordo Granudo Memes to Clap Back at the Haters


The rise of the internet brings about the creation of Gordo Granudo, the ultimate symbol of basement dwelling. Here, we see someone who spends too much time online. He rarely goes out, or helps out, for that matter. What he likes doing best is wreaking havoc with his antagonism while cooped up in the basement of mommy and daddy’s house. Gordo Granudo, we call him, for some unknown reason, will judge anything and anyone mercilessly. What he won’t do is question his own purpose and usefulness for the good of the world. Where he gets his false sense of pride is still a mystery.

Here are 25 Gordo Granudo memes because basement dwellers can’t have all the fun.

They Call Me Gordo

Born In A Country

Complains Being Bullied

Butthurt Dweller Thread

Can’t Workout

ComplainsAbout Cell Phone

Making Us More Civilized

Claim To Have Faith

In A Fantasy World

Flunk Out Of School

I Can’t Go To Bed

I’m Smug

Kirk Is Better Than Picard

Looks Down On Other People

She Looks At The Keyboard

Call God A Magical Wizard

Emma Watson’s MySpace

My Voice Is Deep

Got A New Job

Accuse Christians Online

Post Anti-Religion Threads

Claim Your Religious Science

A Pro-Christian Video

Waste Hundreds Of Dollars

I’ve Watched A Lot

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