22 Mind-Boggling Google Earth Memes


Ah Google Earth, one of the most unexpectedly fun sources of entertainment you can get from the internet. Seriously, who would have thunk it’d be this fun to put yourself on a random spot on the globe and make your way to the nearest airport only via street view? Other than that though, it’s also a great way to pass the time just looking for anything interesting you can find, sometimes, you come across something insanely interesting.

If you yourself are interested in seeing these interesting things, then take a look at some hilarious memes and also some of the coolest things people have found on Google Earth below!

This Dog Followed The Google Earth Guy

dog followed google earth guy meme

Unexplained Flying Cars On Google Earth

google earth aliens meme

These Green Spots Are All Tanks

google earth all tanks meme

That Awkward Moment

google earth awkward moment meme

Looks For His House On Google Earth

google earth bad luck brian meme

So I Found An Escaped Convict On Street View

google earth escaped convict meme

Giant Bunny On Google Earth

google earth giant bunny meme

Yeah I Think It’s Time To Go To Mars

google earth go to mars meme

Love Google Earth

google earth government secrets meme

Oh Harry

google earth harry potter meme

Google Earth

google earth looking on your house meme

I Think I Found Out Where The Nazis Have Been Hiding

google earth nazis meme

I’m Painting A Blue Rectangle In My Backyard

google earth painting blue rectangle in my backyard meme

That Awkward Moment

google earth pile of poo meme

Are You Posing

google earth posing meme

Sometimes Google Earth Scares The Hell Out Of Me

google earth scares the hell out of me meme

He Said He Would Show Me The World

google earth show me the world meme

I’ve Never Been Skydiving

google earth skydiving meme


google earth street view meme

It’s Not Lightning

google earth taking a picture meme

Things I View On Google Earth

google earth things i view meme

I Went On Google Earth Today

google earth today meme

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