22 Golden Globes Memes to Cheer You Up… Big Time


The Golden Globes is one of Hollywood’s most awaited annual events. We get to see celebrities in their lavish gowns and tux and jewelries. The rich and the famous are all in one fancy room, chitchatting about new mansions purchased and how they’re tired of being attractive. The winners also share either inspiring or cringe-worthy speeches.

Then come some golden controversies that are circulated in the news and immortalized in memes. Events in entertainment may be short-lived, but memes… memes are forever.

So here are 22 Golden Globes memes for your daily dose of glamour and crazies rolled into one.

I’m Still Arya From The Block

golden globes arya memes

When You Remember How Bae Left You Hanging In Frigid Waters

golden globes bae memes

When That One Friend Who Has Bad Hygiene Says Someone Else Smells Bad

golden globes bad hygiene memes

Would Love To Be Resurrected As Billy Porter’s Feather Train

golden globes billy porter feather memes

My Mom Always Said Life Was Like A Box Of Chocolates

golden globes box of chocolates memes

Huh And They Call Me Crazy

golden globes crazy memes

Ansel Elgort And Dakota Fanning Look Like They’re Going To The Prom

golden globes dakota fanning memes

My Momma Always Said You Shouldn’t Eat The Shrimp

golden globes eat shrimp memes

Ewan McGregor Sports Classic Obi-Wan Haircut

golden globes ewan mcgregor memes

When U Want To Give Credit But Not Too Much Credit

golden globes give credit memes

It Would Appear Glenn Close Also Did Not Expect Glenn Close To Win

golden globes glenn close memes

Hugh Jackman Embodies Everyone Right Now

golden globes hugh jackman memes

Everyone’s There In Tuxedos

golden globes jason mamoa memes

Remember Jim From The Office

golden globes jim from the office memes

OMG The Golden Globes Spelled John Legend’s Name Wrong

golden globes john ledgend memes

Leonardo Dicarpio Attended The Preview

golden globes leonardo dicaprio memes

When Oprah Is Speaking At The Golden Globes

golden globes oprah memes

That Awkward Moment When A Mad Lad Calls Out A Room Of Pedophiles

golden globes sith lord memes

There He Is The Spirit Of 2020

golden globes spirit of 2020 memes

Tim Cook

golden globes tim cook memes

Who Wore It Better

golden globes who wore it better memes

Willem Dafoe Deserves A Special Golden Globe

golden globes willem dafoe memes

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