20 Cute and Funny German Shepherd Memes


Are you looking for some really funny German Shepherd memes?

German Shepherds are very protective and loving. And if you have a German Shepherd, you know for sure that this is one of the most caring breeds. They will always stay close and make sure that nothing bad ever happens to you.

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Here’s a collection of 20 cute and funny German Shepherd memes specially collected for your furry friend!

Do You Honestly Think I Don’t Know What V-E-T Spells?

Excuse Me… But Can You Please Rub My Belly?

German Shepherds Be Like

Hmmm, What Shall I Chew On Today…

I Don’t Always Eat Steak

I Don’t Always Make Nose Art For Mom… 

german shepherd memes nose art

I Promise It Won’t Happen Again!

I See You Have Cheese… 

I Swear I Didn’t Do It

It’s Watching Me Isint It

No Dogs On The Bed Rule… 

Oh Good! You’re Home!

That Mess In The Kitchen 

The New Home Security System

The Vet Called My Appointment Is Cancelled!

They’re Not Dangerous If You Raise Them Right

This German Shepherd Is So Well Trained

What Do You Mean I Am Not A “People”?

Would You Buy Me Those Cookies I Love? Please?

You Are Not Leaving Until I Get My Tennis Ball

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