25 Fyre Festival Memes to Tickle Your Middle Class Soul


Fyre Festival was a musical festival scheduled to happen in the spring of 2017 in the Bahamas. Promising attendees for a weekend of magical fun with music, parties, and lavishness, it turned out to be a supreme disaster. Tickets to the event were sold from $500 to $1,500 while VIP packages cost up to $12,000. Days before the festival, most of the performers had already backed out, an ominous sign of an impending doom.

From one screw-up to another, everything about the Fyre Festival was a nighmarish vision all the rich kids who paid thousands of dollars to party were forced to see. Mishandled luggages and theft, absence of portable toilets, gourmet food that was actually just cheese sandwiches, cancelled flights — the list of horror goes on. Even the grand tent accomodation turned out to be relief tents with dirty floors and soaked mattresses.

Kind of awful, was it? It turns out there are some things we can’t afford that end up being actually good for us. Here are 25 Fyre Festival memes to revisit the misfortunes of the rich.

They Came For A Weekend Of Rich Kid Fun

escape from fyre festival memes

Fyre Festival Accomodations

fyre festival accomodations memes

Billy You Can’t Make Fyre Festival In Only 3 Months

fyre festival all things are possible memes

Mom Finally Gets Him Concert Tickets

fyre festival bad luck brian memes

We’re Comin Back With Fyre Festival 2019

fyre festival coming back memes

The #FyreFestival Doc Is All I Wanted It To Be

fyre festival doc memes

Don’t Care About The #Fyrefestival Drama

fyre festival drama memes

Directed By Hideo Kojima

fyre festival durected by hideo kojima memes

Everyone Is Having A Great Time At Fyre Festival

fyre festival having fun memes

Real Life Hunger Games

fyre festival hunger games memes

Pic Of Ja Rule Right Now

fyre festival ja rule memes

Ok But Ja Rule Finessed These Rich Kids With His Own Version Of Krabby Land

fyre festival krabby land memes

I’m Not Leaving Until I See MIGOS

fyre festival migos memes

Newly Released Lineup For #Fyrefestival

fyre festival newly released lineup memes

Prison Camp For Instagram Kids

fyre festival prison camp memes

Ride Or Die Like Andy

fyre festival ride or die memes

Several Pictures Of The Rides Offered At #Fyrefestival

fyre festival rides memes

#Scamwich #Fyrefestival

fyre festival scamwich memes

Fyre Admission

fyre festival simpsons memes


fyre festival spooky island memes

Fyre Festival 2017 Starter Pack

fyre festival starter pack memes

The Only Dude Who Enjoyed The Fyre Music Festival

fyre festival the only dude who enjoyed memes

Waiting To Get Rescued From Fyre Fest

fyre festival waiting to get rescued memes

Welcome To Fyre Festival

fyre festival welcome memes

Who Would Win

fyre festival who would win memes

These 25 Fyre Festival memes are too disastrously funny not to share.