20 Hilarious Teacher Memes That Are Too Funny If You’re A Teacher


Looking for a funny teacher meme?

Teachers play an integral part of someone’s life. Their task of teaching and preparing students for their future is considered one of the most noble jobs.

There’s always this one school teacher that you will never forget- the scary teacher that makes you always come to class on time, or the cool and friendly teacher who you can confide in. To bring you back to memory lane, we have compiled 20 of the funniest teacher memes that will surely make you laugh and remember your most- and least- favorite teachers.

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And if you are a teacher, you will definitely relate to the collection of funny memes below. Laugh along with your friends and colleagues!

1Actually Teaches Whats On The Test

2Don’t Make Me Use My Teacher Voice

3I Don’t Always Sit At My Desk

4I Just Answered That Question Less Than A Minute Ago

5If You Cut My Class I Will Look For You I Will Find You

6If You Don’t Study You Shall Not Pass

7If You Have A Question… Raise Your Hand.

8No One Threw Up Or Cried Today

9Oh, You Dont Understand?

10Okay Class Listen Today

11Once I Told A Chemistry Joke

12Staff Meeting Cancelled

13Taking A Deep Breath

14Teachers Face When Students Give Excuse

15Trying To Stop Thinking About The Classroom Issues

16Welcome To Teaching!

17When A Student Comes To School Sick

18When A Student Is Working On Another Homework In Your Class

19When The Loudest Sound In The Room

20Why Are You Packing Already?