20 Funny Nurse Memes That Are Painfully True


Although rewarding, working as a nurse isn’t easy. Apart from having to work during holidays and missing important family events, you’ll have to deal with difficult patients and complicated co-workers. You’ll constantly be on your feet and you may even have to miss meals just to make sure your patients get their medications on time and that they are comfortable and safe.

Despite such working conditions, being a nurse is still fun and you can still enjoy working as one. To help you lighten up and feel better about your job, take a look at our collection of funny nurse memes.

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Giving Report

I Don’t Always

My Face When

Night Shift Nursing

Nurse Sitting Down

Patient Acting Up

That Moment When

Welcome To The ER

Well For Someone Who’s Short Of Breath

What If I Told You

When A Patient Calls You A Bitch

When I Find Out

When I Have To Ask

When I Start To See The Next Shift

When Someone Tries To

When That IV Pump

When You End Your Shift

When You Tryin’ To Decide

Who Says Nursing Is Stressful

You Can’t Fix Stupid

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